Dragons Ahoy E-Book

Dragons Ahoy E-Book


An ebook copy of Dragons Ahoy (Dragonsbane Saga: Book Two) in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF


An ebook copy of Dragons Ahoy (Dragonsbane Saga: Book Two) in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF:

X Marks the Dragon

Penniless and on the run, Sybil Dragonsbane and the dragon Riastel arrive in the port city of Beachcliff. Searching for a cure to Riastel’s curse, they decide to journey to the magic college for help.

To get money for their travels, Sybil takes a job from a shady merchant while Riastel becomes an apprentice to the city’s premier wizard. But when things go wrong Sybil must rush to rescue her boyfriend Riastel from bloodthirsty pirates and a rival dragon.

This is Book 2 in the Dragonsbane Saga

Dragonsbane Saga:

  1. The Dragon Tax
  2. Dragons Ahoy
  3. Dragon Fried Cheese


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