Flower’s Curse E-Book

Flower’s Curse E-Book

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An e-book copy of Flower’s Curse (Flower’s Fang Book Two) in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF


An e-book copy of Flower’s Curse (Flower’s Fang Book Two) in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF:

After seeing the atrocities committed by those in power, Prince Sels is determined to set things right. Defied his rightful seat on the ruling council by the elder Speaker because of his untamed wild magic, Sels will have to find another way and he has just the thing: marriage to a commoner.

Secrets of the past have a way of haunting the future, something Arara, newly bonded of Prince Sels, knows firsthand. But Arara’s search for her heritage uncovers more questions than answers.

Summer will end with an eclipse of the sun, said to herald dark times. The empire is besieged by a storm of epic proportions; the prophesy holds the only answers, Arara and Sels the keys. If they are strong enough to use them.

The Flower’s Fang Series:

  • Snow Flower
  • Flower’s Fang
  • Flower’s Curse

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Dedicated servers

    I think for a book to be romantic to me, I need to feel that the hero and heroine need to be with each other, the obstacles to that happening are difficult to overcome, I like at least one of them a lot and I want very much for them to end up with each other.

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