Snow Flower E-Book


Snow Flower E-Book


An ebook copy of Snow Flower in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF

Product Description

An ebook copy of Snow Flower in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF:

Born as an undersized runt puppy, Arara has been constantly bullied by the bigger pups in her pack. As far as she is concerned, her life is horrible and its not going to change anytime soon.

However, during a hunt Arara discovers that she can move things with her mind. Armed with this new power, Arara convinces another bullied puppy to help her take down Kerka – the biggest, baddest pup in town.

But when things go wrong and a life is put in danger, Arara must face her fears before it is too late.

Snow Flower is a Prequel Novella to the Flower’s Fang Series.

The Flower’s Fang Series:

  • Snow Flower
  • Flower’s Fang
  • Flower’s Curse


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